made a 3d printed studio logo so I could do glitch effects with lighting (not the main reason but a nice side effect)

origami tree update: those second set of leaves sprouted little pods inside em 🌱✨👀

built a tiny sofa. at the rate I’m building this mini I’ll be done in 2057

excited for June 11 cos we have a new trailer in the Future Of Play Direct.

plus i get to make fun little teasers like this ✨

Lot of cool stuff going on but also means less time for random other stuff (like social media)

update on that folded paper tree, it’s got these little groups of smaller leaves, hundreds of em around the whole tree, it’s weird cos the leaves aren’t like the other kind? a dual leaf tree? a seed? 🌱

doodling with tiny humans new art kit, they seem to work at least!

this building downtown with the clouds today was just demanding the ole classic HDR treatment

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@ipsquiggle managed to spot one from the bud and a bud together today, looks like they come out pre folded ✨

from the other day.

I can never get enough of the mossy trees around here, there’s so many good ones, ones with moss filled upper branches and exploding ferns, it’s amazing

Finished watching Mr. Robot. wild and cool and plenty of thoughts 🤔

the leaves nearby look like folded paper, super neat!

finally found the right kind of bike seat for tiny human to ride on my bike with me (not my bike shown). can't wait for it to arrive so we can wander around

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