so I started a new thing today.

a new forum for talking about game audio stuff. other social spaces are great but often hard to search for older info. so thought going back to a classic forum might fill the gap.

starting to get The Smolest Synth Store Studio (what I call where I make my music) together. not as organized as I'd like but I can make music at least. really digging this beat that's a start of a new song. DFAM with some processing.

back when Mixolumia came out I made a music pack for it. Now that it came out on switch I'm going to make another one from what ever my 52 song for this week is.

one of things I'm trying to keep up with this is to not "phone it in" on tracks. I'm still trying to come up with rules to follow and explore instruments I have to keep things fresh. it still sounds similar in a lot of cases but that's cause that's my sound. it's still me :) even if I have different rules to explore. I'm always excited when people check this project out and join me on the journey.

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added another song to 52 tonight.

this piece was all softsynths and taking a single 1 note 2 bar bit and repeating it for the entire piece. multiple layers and instruments but always the same note. trying to see how I can make it work with as little information as possible.

the super chaos of moving really kicks into high gear today so I got my 52 album up to 31 tracks last night so I can not worry about it. there's probably at least 3 songs you haven't heard on there now. good chance there's 31 songs you haven't heard :)

I will literally have a box of bricks for the movers to move.

2 more half done songs marched closer to being finished. one is just minor tweaks from where it was at. the 2nd I might throw out everything melodic but the rhythm track is now actually something I like.

I'm sure some game audio stuff will slip in here but I'm going to focus this account on my music stuff.

mixing involved making all the loops feel right. pick instruments for all the audio-to-midi tracks. and lots of compression n EQ. and delays and verbs on pretty much every track. and volume riding to actually set the flow. everything starts full volume for the whole track. and at the end is where I set the flow of everything and actually arrange the song.

as I'm setting final levels and doing listening checks I come up with a name for it.

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so I try to make short notes of what's gone into each song. though I would put that here as well.

track 27 started when I got a Volante delay pedal and wanted to test it out. often I'll grab my skulpt synth for something quick like this. I played around and recorded something that's a couple bars. that was looped in DAW, converted to MIDI, and varisped down an octave on a seperate track. and did audio to midi on that too. found a drum loop to add to it as well. then mixing....

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Got my 27 track done for my 52 album. in these busy times, it's paying off to have a few sessions of half finished song ideas.

so the big music project I've got going on is an album called 52. I'm adding a track each week (roughly) so by the end of the year it's a full 52 tracks. half way through the yeah and it's still on track with 26 tracks. mostly ambient but bits techno, d'n'b, and lo-fi too.

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