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Time for some :oni_starry_meep:

Infloresce Vol. 1 - Floral Folklore

Record label for gentle digital fusion and indie classical.

This building I walk past regularly has been gradually losing numbers over the years we’ve lived here.

Hello! I’m Eric, and I’m mostly interested in music, arts, crafts, and tech. Often a combination of them - e.g. game dev, music production, and animation. Trying to spend more time away from the computer, so I’ve been doing more traditional art recently. Happy to chat anything creative, crafty, or imaginative.

Hey everyone!
My name is Mikey and I enjoy modular synths, programming, hacking it up & games (wow) I hope we can get along and perhaps have a intellectual chat about old politics. I'm excited for this year, I'll be doing my first professional publishment work, or at least trying to publish something. ;) I'm a pretty easy to talk to person, so if you need support or something in general please reach out! PMs are always open. Any others interested in the things listed? :thinkingg:

Hi, my name is Gabriel, I am a software developer, I was interested in creating games but I found a new passion, writing.
I will start soon writing short stories on wattpad and will finish my first book in the next year, then I will merge them (game development and writing) to become a narrative designer, that is my goal. 😊

I *was* going to work this afternoon but instead I watched the Netflix cat documentary. :blobcatheart:

Can feel the season turning this past week. A few days below 30, and I can hear the peep peep of whatever insect that makes that peep peep sound in autumn :blobhaj_reach:

One funny point about staying at the in-laws, the house we stay in has a really old kitchen faucet that operates in the opposite direction from any other faucet I’ve ever used, push it down to turn on and pull it back up to turn off.

The pressure is also very high, so every time I push down the handle to try and turn off the water, it sprays everywhere.

After a few days I managed to adjust, and now that I’m back home I’m still slightly paranoid every time use the faucet. :blobupsidedown:

Dragonflies. I've seen the bluish ones quite often, but don't remember seeing the black winged ones before.

One of the dosimeters set up throughout the city in response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

We're about 50km from the site.

Last critter of the walk... a Japanese Hornet minding their own business, appreciated from a distance with a telephoto lens :blobnervous:

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Went for a short walk along the rice paddies, and got a bunch of good critter pics.

I took some photos of these flowers and didn't realize until I got home that there are also two frogs!

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