game prototyping begins in luxe engine :luxe:

this game will feature:
- towns
- walking around
- talking to people
- fighting capitalism

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@megmac I don't really understand the question but it sounds like a @mattesque kind of thing

@alia oh reeeeally! :thinkingg: Gov. has said most of the travel restrictions are going to be coming down in a couple of weeks.

Our 3rd Japanniversary :maple:

We moved to Japan 3 years ago today, landing in Narita from Vancouver.

I certainly didn't expect those years to play out how they did, but on balance it has been great.

Looking forward to continuing the trend, but with more visitors and trips back home. :blobhaj_tiny_heart:

doodle of that girl from the pokemon gotcha video

Okay. A bit of several months after joining. I am a student of buddhism in the Tibetan Gelug tradition. It's not something I often talk about, but it is a major part of who I am. One of my favorite things to do is walk Puppy around this stupa at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana. I consider the temple there to be my true home.


Hello there,
I go by GlassicCzar (obviously not my real name) and I like to draw. I currently use a iPad and a Apple Pencil Knock-off. I hope that you will enjoy my art.

Feel free to DM me, I’ll try responding ASAP. I hope to see you around.

Typhoon Nanmadol ended up passing by without too much fuss in our area. Some rain and blustery winds, but not too out of the ordinary.

Nothing like Hagibis (which flooded a ton of stuff and left us without running water for two weeks)

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Typhoon prep day: cleaning whatever off the patio might become projectile. 🌀

@ratty222 welcome back! and best of luck recovering from whatever it is.

I just remembered I have a dentist appointment at pretty much the exact moment the typhoon passes over us... hmmm.

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"More than 8 million people in southern and western Japan have been ordered to evacuate due to Typhoon Nanmadol."

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Oh lawd he comin…! :blobcatscared:

Typhoon 14 Nanmadol

Rainy for now but it’ll be about 36 hours until the storm peaks here in Saitama. Should be diminished by then, but still looks like it may be the strongest winds we’ve seen living here so far.

@ipsquiggle i'm a first timer. picked this up from a kiosk that had like 40 different brands. chose one with a nice bottle :blobhaj_reach:

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