Went to trim a weedy vine and found a big strikingly coloured caterpillar munching on it

Garden friends 🦎 Probably a Japanese Five Lined Skink.

I think this guy has been hanging out in the garden for a while -- if it's the same one I saw the other day scuttling out from behind the storage bin when I moved it.

One of my rhodanthemum bit the dust. Not sure why, as nearby neighbours seem to be doing fine :thinkingg: It was very hot and dry last week, 38° every day… maybe the heat?

Partner suspects maybe ants damaged the roots? There are a lot of ants in the garden, at least 6 different kinds just judging by size, and some of them like to build tunnels and mounds around plant stalks.

Edamame harvest time!

I don’t really know when is the right time to pick these, but they’re looking pretty beans-y!

Every page says to pick before they turn yellow, because then it’s too late.. so… without knowing when exactly that will be, erring on the early side.

wow, edamame really taking off once they got going. doubled in size in a couple of days :blob_sign_nice:

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Lost one, but eight of my momiji 🍁 seedlings are going strong.

Just starting to get some small buds on the edamame.

Edamame outgrew the net covers. Added bamboo poles today to keep them standing, garden can get very strong cross winds at times.

I was one pole short, so one plant got chopsticks taped together instead.

Bento tray already too shallow for Momiji seedlings, dry out fast and not enough depth for a stable root. Transplanted into pots for now, they had to double up.

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Second attempt at germinating Japanese maple seeds I picked up from the street has worked better than expected. Looks like I should have checked a week or two sooner, but hopefully some of these work out.

Transferred into take-out bento tray for next stage.

Trying out growing some edamame this year, looks like sprouts are about to push their way up 🌱

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