game prototyping begins in luxe engine :luxe:

this game will feature:
- towns
- walking around
- talking to people
- fighting capitalism

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Our 3rd Japanniversary :maple:

We moved to Japan 3 years ago today, landing in Narita from Vancouver.

I certainly didn't expect those years to play out how they did, but on balance it has been great.

Looking forward to continuing the trend, but with more visitors and trips back home. :blobhaj_tiny_heart:

Oh lawd he comin…! :blobcatscared:

Typhoon 14 Nanmadol

Rainy for now but it’ll be about 36 hours until the storm peaks here in Saitama. Should be diminished by then, but still looks like it may be the strongest winds we’ve seen living here so far.

Went to trim a weedy vine and found a big strikingly coloured caterpillar munching on it

Trying out Railbound, so far so good. Similar to Cosmic Express which I also enjoyed.

This building I walk past regularly has been gradually losing numbers over the years we’ve lived here.

Dragonflies. I've seen the bluish ones quite often, but don't remember seeing the black winged ones before.

One of the dosimeters set up throughout the city in response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

We're about 50km from the site.

Last critter of the walk... a Japanese Hornet minding their own business, appreciated from a distance with a telephoto lens :blobnervous:

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Went for a short walk along the rice paddies, and got a bunch of good critter pics.

I took some photos of these flowers and didn't realize until I got home that there are also two frogs!

Nooo! The storm has already claimed its first victim…

Somebody’s tarp just blew onto our patio and murdered one of my succulents! Cut down in the prime of life :blobcatsadreach:

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