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I put together a little hub/intro/landing page for the Sunny Garden :mastodon: instance

Recent blossom (and immature square, the name for a forming cotton fruit) from windowsill garden of cotton plants.

One of my rhodanthemum bit the dust. Not sure why, as nearby neighbours seem to be doing fine :thinkingg: It was very hot and dry last week, 38° every day… maybe the heat?

Partner suspects maybe ants damaged the roots? There are a lot of ants in the garden, at least 6 different kinds just judging by size, and some of them like to build tunnels and mounds around plant stalks.

so the big music project I've got going on is an album called 52. I'm adding a track each week (roughly) so by the end of the year it's a full 52 tracks. half way through the yeah and it's still on track with 26 tracks. mostly ambient but bits techno, d'n'b, and lo-fi too.

100+ GB of google photos archived as well, but it looks like deleting them will be more annoying.

there doesn't appear to be any official support for bulk delete. and ideally i'd like to leave a few albums in place, but i think that would be even more difficult.

gphotos has never been particularly useful beyond ease of getting images into it.

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16 years of gmail archived and deleted. imapsync very handy.

I put together a little hub/intro/landing page for the Sunny Garden :mastodon: instance

Just heard my first cicada of the season. It has begun.

Edamame harvest time!

I don’t really know when is the right time to pick these, but they’re looking pretty beans-y!

Every page says to pick before they turn yellow, because then it’s too late.. so… without knowing when exactly that will be, erring on the early side.

Stopped by the lavender garden, first time I’ve seen it in bloom since I discovered it last fall. Also goats 🐐

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Bath time and a hike outside for Dee Dee today as we continue to work on the turtle spa (Turtle's Paw?)

cw (reptile, tortoise)

Highs of 37° this week, time to shift my routine to walking in the morning instead of mid afternoon 😅

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