Now that its usable I have started porting RxDJ over to Rust.
😍 I forgot how frustrating and how much fun coding in Rust is! 😍 🦀 🦀 🦀

Makin progress! Nearly usable, just need to add filtering, total time and ramp of ramp types then the MVP is doneish. :D

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I have been getting more into DJing for the local WCS friday dance... it can be quite time consuming. Lucky I happen to be a bit of a nerd, so I started work on a playlist builder that follows the same rules I do when making the list. BPM, hi/low energy, ramping etc. fun times. :D

Siggraph is nice but outside has less compression artifacts

Ride up giant hill in 32+ degrees, Hike, Ride (no, zooooooom down the hill).. so hot but totes worth it!

It was really nice dancing in the park after the sun finally set. Daaaanm it was hot before then though!

How alia gets distracted:
1.its hot out, I wonder what the temperature is
2.yeah thats warm, i wonder what the warmest its been here is...
3.Last year eh? pretty crazy hot last summer.. oh, it has coldest dates too..
4. 1947 seem to have a lot of cold temperatures. I wonder what eruption..
5. Footage with an old timey voice of the 1947 eruption on Hekla in Iceland.
6. Oh how did that eruption go last year?
7. Timelapses of lava flows for Fagradalsfjall
8. Imma make a lava flow simulation! 💗😍

I was this many years old when I learned dxc.exe could emit SPIRV! Hello HLSL in Rust! <3

Its ok. Everything will be fine. :D I think I watched too many philosopy videos tonight.

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