chronic pain stuff 

Me, this morning: Oh, I don't need pain meds, I'm feeling much better than yesterday!
An hour later: Why do I feel so distractable and fidgety...?

Anyway, it turns out you can take pain meds even if your pain is only Medium and not High lol.

This is such a silly thing but I always love Apple packaging. I always want to keep the boxes even though I don't have any particular use for them. They're just really good boxes lol 😄

I accidentally bought a new phone yesterday lol.

I had dropped my old phone (twice) and cracked the front and back, and brought it in to be repaired. They said they wouldn't repair it because it's too old (I think it was an iPhone 8), and sold me a new iPhone SE. My warranty had expired, so I spent more than I had expected to oops.

I'm happy it's the same size and still has a fingerprint reader, and it should be faster. It's got a case on it now lol 😅 And setup was easy!

What an adventure!

We got a 3D printer recently and I finished my first project! 😄

I have a laptop table that tilts, but when it’s tilted it doesn’t securely hold the laptop. So I designed some little clips to hold the bottom edge of the laptop! It works!

Hmm I disabled autocorrect on my iPhone a while back but it continues to sometimes autocorrect (particularly the word I typed two words ago, which is the whole reason I turned autocorrect off).

I saw an ad for a fancy wallet and decided on a whim to buy it, and then I received SIX emails about it lol.

- Thanks for your order
- Paypal receipt
- Join our partner program
- Welcome offer
- Your ambassador account has been approved (???)
- Don't forget to buy the item in your cart (???)

I'm gonna mark them all as spam, but not until after I receive the tracking number (which was not one of the six emails).

Why does construction noise sometimes happen in the middle of the night? The first time it happened I assumed it was an emergency like a water pipe repair, but it seems to happen pretty regularly on the weekend. I just looked up the bylaw, and construction noise isn't allowed after 9pm, but it sure does happen at 3am anyway.

I have a new song! It's about counting on your friends and going on an adventure on a boat! Let me know what you think!

Just had a serious phone call about health insurance and the other person ended it by saying "Awesome possum, thank you." Lollll that's something I say myself sometimes but I didn't expect to hear it in this context. Delightful :D

A shocking discovery: I really like it when I have a reasonable number of things on my to do list, and I'm able to do all of them as well as something fun. I'm sure I've discovered this many times in the past lol.

(Language learning apps.) I’m immediately way more interested in HelloTalk than Journaly! More people, more interaction, and the expectation that your posts will be short makes it more accessible/less intimidating. Plus you can record audio. It’s been a day and I’ve already have lots of lovely interactions! And I’ve challenged myself to explain things I wasn’t quite sure how to say!

New plan! I've discovered a website called journaly where the whole point is to journal in a language you're learning, chat with people, and receive corrections and suggestions on your writing. So I'll use that instead! This is me over there:

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cat, eye contact 

I really like this picture I took of Marie!

It just occurred to me now that this instance might be a good place to do journaling in Japanese, for practice! I'll just do a short one for today.


Something I've noticed about myself is that I find the idea of making a tweet thread tiring (compared with a blog post of the same length). A couple times, I've thought about posting in detail about something on this instance, but the character limit stops me and I change my mind. I think that's why I've posted more on another instance that I'm on: the ability to do blog posts.

stress, food issues (but it works out in the end) 

I did today all wrong whoops. I forgot to eat for 7 hours, I went for a long walk in the hot sun, I ordered groceries and didn't properly ask anyone to help me put them away until I was already overwhelmed, and now I don't have energy to do homework. On the bright side, my housemates took over putting things away once they realized I needed help, the walk was with a good friend and it was nice, a burger is on its way, and I'm gonna relax now. <3

covid, religion 

To clarify, this is after hearing nothing from missionaries in the whole year and a half we’ve lived in this house, other than two letters in the mail.

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covid, religion 

Well, the local churches are no longer social distancing I guess. I’ve had two sets of missionaries at the door in two or three days, and the ones today had no masks.

Worn out from walking and groceries, phew! Also made a weekly layout in my journal, recorded a song demo, and replied to emails. Didn’t manage to do my homework, which is due tomorrow, but that’s ok!

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